Swing Trading Opportunity with multibagger return

When there was a hype in the market for HDFC group. Each and every HDFC group stock was breaking down on daily basis.

Why HDFC Life is selected for Swing Trading Opportunity ?

one is Support Zone , Stock was trading near the support zone from past two weeks

Why HDFC Life is selected for Swing Trading Opportunity ?

The second is RSI indicator. Both we saw in the weekly time frame.

Lets Have a Look at the weekly chart of hdfc life


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I Waited for the stock to consolidate at the support zone once i was sure i took entry at an avg price of 529


As per my analysis if the stock  close below 490 levels on weekly chart i will exit. This comes to 7.5 %


If am taking a SL of 7.5 % i should at least get an avg of 15% I believe the stock can touch 630 levels and also All time high.


People reading this article should be clear that this blog is for educational purpose only. I am not SEBI registered advisor. Many might think why the blog is posted after the stock has took a runup from the entry levels.