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Hi Guys, I am Mukesh Jain residing in Chennai. I completed my Graduation (B.COM) in 2014 from University of Madras – A.M.Jain College and Master (MBA-Finance) in 2016 from (PU-LC) Pondicherry university – Loyola College , Parallel’y i was also pursuing a Professional Course ICAI (Institute of Cost Accountants of India) in 2018 i completed ICAI – Intermediate Level and discontinued Formal Education.

I started my career as an accountant from the year April 2015 till August 2019.During this period i worked with 2 different organization. I am currently being employed in CITIBANK a Investment banking Giant , Joined in 6th of January 2020, as an operations specialist under Singapore Investment Operations.

Above is a brief explanation about my Education and Employment. Let’s give you an overview of Finotox.

I actively started reading about Finance and Economy from the year 2015. So initially i used to read some random articles, Look into videos and information available in news etc. Gradually as years passed around 2018 i inculcated the habit of writing down the important information in Rough Notes.

I understood that instead of writing down in books i can write an article and publish as a blog. This will keep my learning in an organized manner. If my content is interesting and people gain any basic knowledge through this site is a plus point.

After a lot of research around Hosting, Website and Domain registration. I started Finotox in 2020. From Scratch To a complete website It took me around 5 to 6 months.

Knowledge is Power

My interest towards investments , Financial markets, taxation and overall Personal Financing , has made me get too much involved in Financial World.

Finotox and its Motive

Educate people about Personal Financing

Bring awareness about the investment options. So that people can come out of FD’s and RD’s and look into various other asset classes which are available, and make active participation in understanding what is Portfolio diversification.

Awareness about Tax benefits and exemptions

Provide knowledge and help people understands that they can save tax because of investing in certain asset classes and make them realize that government is encouraging people to invest in various other Investment horizon available in India.

Knowledge can be gained from anywhere. Finotox is all about building informative blogs and keeping it in a simple language. We hope to bring a little difference in people’s life.